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Menu planning in long term care: Towards resident-centred menus

Resident preferences are important to consider when developing menus. High quality, palatable food that is culturally appropriate is necessary for providing personā€centred care in long term care homes. Very little information is available on the menu planning process and any barriers or challenges to planning high quality menus. This exploratory study was completed in 2009 to describe the menu planning process in these homes in Ontario, as well as to understand what factors could be changed to improve the process, moving Ontario towards more residentā€centred menus for its diverse population.

To read the summary of Ducak, K. (2009) - How Ontario Long-Term Care Homes Address Residents' Preferences in Menu Planning (undergraduate thesis), McMaster University - Click here!

A copy of the results will be available on Dr. Keller's website in the Resources and Nutrition & Aging Well areas.

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